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Whether you are just visiting the Pacific Northwest, or are looking for a permanent base to enjoy your RV lifestyle, we hope our web site has sparked sufficient interest for you to consider reserving a space at Maple Grove. At this time you may have some questions regarding our Resort, in addition to other general queries. We hope the following questions and subsequent answers will be helpful in at least responding to some of your questions. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have other questions we can help answer, or if you would simply like to make a comment.

"How can I determine which spaces are available"?
Simply call us toll free at 1-866-793-2200 and we can give you the latest availability information for both short term and long term occupancy.

"How can I determine if my RV will fit in a particular space"?
The spaces in Maple Grove were designed to accommodate a variety of vehicle sizes and types. By clicking on RV Sites you can review the exact dimensions of each site design. You will find an aerial view of each site design, including dimensions and a description of the site. When you have determined which site design best suits your needs, click on Resort Map where you can determine the locations of the design you have chosen.

"Is there any restriction in the type of vehicle I can park in the Resort"?
To enable Maple Grove to maintain a high quality image and standard, we restrict the age of vehicles in the Resort to a maximum of 10 years, for all extended stay guests. Older vehicles are subject to approval by the Resort Manager. All vehicles must be in good repair, clean in appearance, no unconventional window coverings or tarps, and maintain current registration and insurance.

"Do you accept pets"?
Pets will be permitted in the Resort provided certain rules are followed. Also certain sizes and types of dogs are not permitted. Please refer to our Resort Rules section of our web site for further information and restrictions.

"Where is the Resort located exactly"?
Maple Grove is centrally located and easy to find coming from any direction. Simply click on Getting Here under the More Info tab where you will find a map and detailed driving directions.

"What is included in my rent payment"?
For extended stay guests, your monthly rent includes extended Comcast cable, sewer and water connection at your site. Telephone service is also available, high speed WIFI service is also available for a fee. Extended stay guests are responsible for their own power, which is metered monthly. All guests have access to our service facilities, which include Men and Woman's toilets, washrooms, hot showers and coin-op laundry. Our daily and weekly rates include all of the services above with the exception of the cable upgrades.

"What type of power is available at each site"?
All of our sites have 20, 30 and 50 amp power available.

"What facilities and events does the Resort offer"?
Our standard service facilities include Men and Women's toilets, washrooms, hot showers and coin-op laundry, we also sell propane on site.

"Can you explain your Summer & Winter rates"?
Due to the demand for daily and weekly space during the summer months, our extended stay rates increase by $100 for a three-month period from June through August. The remaining nine months of the year are considered winter months.

"Can I move to a larger or smaller site if necessary in the future"?
Depending on availability, there is no problem moving from one space to another should your needs change.

"Can I park a car or pick-up in my site"?
Yes, all our sites are designed to accommodate your second vehicle, whether it is a car, pick-up or tractor for that matter. To determine the size of the parking space within each of our site configurations, simply click on RV Sites in The Resort section and read the description for each site, which includes the parking space dimension.

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